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  • r1726

  • चौड़ाई: 6mm
  • लंबाई: Perimeter 232dot5mm, Perimeter 245mm, Perimeter 265mm, Perimeter 272dot5mm, Perimeter 275mm, Mixed leave message
  • ब्रांड नाम: POWGE
  • सामग्री: रबर
  • मानक या गैरमानक: मानक
  • प्रकार: समय बेल्ट
  • मॉडल संख्या: T2.5 बेल्ट पिच की लंबाई है 232.5/245/265/272.5/275 चौड़ाई 6mm
  • पिच: 2.50 mm
  • बेल्ट ऊंचाई: 1.30 मिमी
  • दांत ऊंचाई: 0.70 मिमी
  • Maetrial: रबर शीसे रेशा के साथ कोर
  • दांतों की संख्या: 93T 98T 106T 109T 110T
  • मात्रा: 10pcs/बहुत

  • इकाई प्रकार: बहुत (10 टुकड़े/बहुत)
  • पैकेज वजन: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • पैकेज का आकार: 13cm x 8cm x 9cm (5.12in x 3.15in x 3.54in)

10pcs Metric Trapezoid T2.5 Synchronous Belt Perimeter 232.5/245/265/272.5/275mm Pitch 2.5mm Teeth 93T 98T 106T 109T 110T Neoprene Rubber Fiberglass Width 6mm T2.5 Timing Belt T type in closed-loop for Light Load Conveyance
( The T2.5 Synchronous belt Perimeter have 232.5/245/ 265/272.5/275mm ,please choose Belt Perimeter and Width)
(Option "Mixed leave message" means you can choose different length of 232.5/245/ 265/272.5/275mm )
T2.5 Synchronous Belt Closed-Loop Features:
Features: Regular Torque T2.5 T5 T10 T10 are Metric T Type Trapezoidal Synchronous belt toothed timing pulleys,
suitable for conveyance. Fit for Light Load Conveyance.Also usable for transmission.
T2.5 Synchronous Belt Closed-Loop Drawing and Specs :
T2.5 Synchronous Belt in closed-loop Belt (Internal perimeter=Pitch length)
Belt Type
Internal Perimeter(mm)
Teeth Number
Belt Pitch: 2.5mm Belt Height: 1.30mm Tooth Height: 0.70mm
Belt Width: 6mm
Material:Neoprene Rubber with fiberglass core Color: Black Quantity: 10 pcs/pack
The Package Listing Includes as Follow :
10pcs x T2.5Synchronous Belt in closed-loop belt
( The T2.5 Synchronous belt Perimeter hav e 232.5/245/ 265/272.5/275mm ,please choose Belt Perimeter and Width )
if You Need Other Size T2.5 Synchronous belt ,Please Contact With us,
we can cut any width of Timing belt
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