The UAE speaks a different language after a long list including america, vietnam, russia, australia and many more


These days morari bapu is conducting vedic story sessions in The UAE. few days ago a video went crazy viral when The Highness Sheikh-e-abudhabi ignored all so called protocols and said ‘jai siya ram’ on a prestigious royal event.

It is clearly evident in the video that How thrilled, excited, and overwhelmed his highness sheikh-e-abudhabi is; while he comes and opens the event with morari bapu’s presence in his country.

It is a matter of pride for all of us who believe in brotherhood and believers of karma and it’s effect. people who are doing bad upon others will pay for their deeds and people who are good will get paid in return.

It is the magic of Morari bapu that he is called for rama’s story recitation in islamic countries by royal families. some handsfull saints are living and teaching the world about the very vedic and successful philosophy called “vasudhev kutumbakam”.

At another event in UAE where morari bapu is reciting ramcharitmans in a royal event of UAE. in a random picture you can see her highness wife of sultan-e-UAE carrying ramcharitmans book on her head as respect.

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