Shocking: Qutub Minar is an Ancient Hindu Temple & Space research Lab



Translation and Transcription of the Inscription on the Iron Pillar

This is a script called ‘Brahmi’ which is as old as Sanskrit

He, on whose arm fame was inscribed by the sword, when, in battle in the Vanga countries (Bengal), he kneaded (and turned) back with (his) breast the enemies who, uniting together, came against (him);-he, by whom, having crossed in warfare the seven mouths of the (river) Sindhu, the Vahlikas were conquered;-he, by the breezes of whose prowess the southern ocean is even still perfumed;- He, the remnant of the great zeal of whose energy, which utterly destroyed (his) enemies, like (the remnant of the great glowing heat) of a burned-out fire in a great forest, even now leaves not the earth; though he, the king, as if wearied, has quit this earth, and has gone to the other world, moving in (bodily) from to the land (of paradise) won by (the merit of his) actions, (but) remaining on (this) earth by (the memory of his) fame;- (L. 5.)-By him, the king,-who attained sole supreme sovereignty in the world, acquired by his own arm and (enjoyed) for a very long time; (and) who, having the name of Chandra, carried a beauty of countenance like (the beauty of) the full-moon,-having in faith fixed his mind upon (the god) Vishnu, this lofty standard of the divine Vishnu was set up on the hill (called) Vishnupada (4th Century A.D.)


As you can clearly see in the above picture, which is taken in Qutub Minar complex, which is also houses quwwat ul islam mosque, now just tell us, what is a Bell and chain design is doing in a Mosque when there are no bells in a mosque. Bells are found in Hindu Temples. all Muslims brothers and sisters of this world would agree to this fact.

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