Shocking: Qutub Minar is an Ancient Hindu Temple & Space research Lab



This Iron Pillar (till date no scientists have been able to find out the exact metallurgy used to build this pillar as it has not rusted since last 1600 years) is located within the Qutub Minar Complex and it was built in 4th Century by Hindu Rishi (sage) Called Varaha Mihira in 4th Century, Under the Reign of King Vikaramditya. He was a distinguished astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, Geologist, Gemologist, Agruculturist, Physicist, Doctor and Philosopher of his time. This point is to be noted that Qutub Minar is located in ‘Mehrauli’, Delhi. Mehrauli is a distorted name for ‘Mihira-vali’ which means ‘land of Mihira’, since Varaha Mihira had constructed a Astronomy and space science research lab in this area in 4 century and therefore he built ‘Dhruva Stambha’ ( to be used as a star observatory) meaning ‘North pillar’ in English, which was invaded and refabricated by an Islamic invader called Qutubuddin Aibak in 12th century and he named it after his name, declaring it as ‘Qutub Minar’. Nowhere else in the world, Muslims have been able to build an architecture of such wonder. to find out the truth, all you neeed to do is to take a camera in your hands and visit Qutub minar once and for all, you will spot multiple pillars which have numerous Hindu idols carving, which is impossible to be found in an Islamic mosque complex.

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