A visit to mysterious holy mountain peaks of Shiva’s land


5. Sugreeva then mentions the mansion of Kubera built on Mt. Kailasha constructed by the celestial architect Vishwakarma. Sugreev instructs the ‘vanaras’ to move ahead. He gives them three more mountain peak landmarks. He mentions Mount Krauncha with a highly impassable tunnel. Like Shiva bought down the Ganges on to Bharat Varsha (earth) from the heavens (Himalayas), his son or his ‘junior’ Skanda is credited with having chiseled a tunnel through Mt. Krauncha. One of the best known ancient tunnels in China is the Guolinag Tunnel in the Taihang Mountains. Up until 1972 only an ancient path chiseled through the rocks of this mountain linked the villages in the area to the outside world. Here is an image of the ancient path of Guolinag which was improved in 1972, not by the government, but once again by the locals. It took them five years to complete the task.5

6. The Mount Krauncha reference given in Ramayan is one of the peaks in the Taihang Range which indicates that the tunnel is very ancient. The path is clearly mentioned in Ramayan: From Kailash (in the Himalayas) to Krauncha (in the Taihang Range), there are many other mountain peaks – namely the ‘treeless’ Mt. Kaama and the ‘abode of birds’, Mt. Maanasa, – that the ‘vanaras’ will see. The history in Ramayan is referring to these two as Tuanjie as Kaama and Taibai as Maanasa. Sugreev instructs Vanars to scour all these mountains thoroughly in search for Sita Mata. These are the mountains of the Qinling Range which falls between the Himalayas and the Taihang Mountains as the ‘vanaras’ move in the north-east direction from Kailash. The two highest peaks, and therefore most visible, in this chain are the Tuanjie and the Taibai.6

7. Then Sugreev mentions another peak called Mt. Mainaaka, which is identified by ‘a massive mansion built by demon architect by the name Maya’. Just as the ‘Ram-Setu’ of Ramayan (oldest bridge ever known to mankind) lies exactly in the spot mentioned in the Ramayana, and the Gympie Pyramid of Queensland (Australia) referred in Ramayan as ‘a peak like structure built by the celestial architect Vishwakarma’, Similarly, the ‘Mansion of Maya’ is also located on the same place as referred in China, it is another pre-historical megalithic structure built by ‘celestial beings’ of Ramayan. The maximum number of ancient pyramids of China, whose existence until recently was completely denied, lie in the Shaanxi Province. The chinese govt tried hard to hide these facts but when they failed to decipher their existence, Vedic structure and purpose, they admitted them to be very ancient. The largest one of them, the Xi’an is only 184 Km from the Taibai peak, well on the path of the ‘Vanaras’ mentioned in the Ramayana.

8. In the entire Himalayan range, from the parts of Bharat (India) to Tibet and parts of China, there lies range of ancient Pyramids (like Mt. Mainakaa is in Shaanxi province). These huge mountain peaks or pyramids are protected by mother of all peaks – Mount Kailash, an abode of Bhagwan Shiv.


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