Sanskrit Non-Translatables . please read entire writeup carefully or do not read at all


please read entire writeup carefully or do not read at all

one hundred percent We must not use words in our own languages when communicating ideas originating from Sanskrit. The idea here is that using non-translatable words in Sanskrit prevent them from being digested into the dominant culture. The way to do this is to use the Sanskrit terms and use the full range of meaning as applicable to resist digestion. Here are terms to look at, which are ultimately not translatable to seemingly similar words.
Brahman is NOT equal to God (remember this when you hear the temple priest say, “God bless you all”).

Brahman is seen to be immanent everywhere and exist in all.  God was seen specifically on Mount Sinai, and has been separate from the Universe, but in control of it since then.

Brahman is not a father figure, a jealous god, nor a vengeful one.  God is that; a father figure, a jealous and vengeful god.

Terms like Ishvara, Brahman, Brahma, Devata, Bhagavan, are words with different meanings for different contexts.  God cannot be used in place of any of these terms.
Atman is NOT the same as the soul of an Abrahamic follower (remember this when you hear the pujari use the word soul as it pertains to the varied aspects of a given puja).

Atman is based on sat-chit-ananda, whereas the soul is tainted, impure, a sinner because of Original Sin from Adam and Eve.

The true nature of Atman can be realized with sadhana or adhyatma vidya, but only Jesus can help one attain salvation.

Atman is in everything; humans, animals, and plants.

Souls only exist in humans, thusly the world of plants and animals is at the beck and call of humans (Genesis 1:26). Zoos are a technique to teach and instill the concept of Dominion. “It is okay to capture and enslave animals for display, and you will not be harmed by watching them in captivity.”

Atman has a completely different nature when it comes to human lives from that of the Soul – reincarnation. Atman will take a number of lives to come to Self-realization, whereas, that is not available to the Soul, who lives only one life to reach either heaven or hell for ever. AND, the body of the Soul must be preserved through burial until the end of time.