Rogue’s Gallery #4 – Amnesty International


AI did have a black executive director starting in 2013, Steven Hawkins, but he abruptly resigned in 2015 after disagreements with board members. He is known for having worked with human rights issues in the United States, especially among black prisoners. The issue was that he wanted to “bring human rights home,” but that was not well received by many who wanted to keep the focus on foreign countries (and off the abuses still existent in the Anglo-countries, especially America, the muscle for the UK). AI appointed Aakar Patel as its India head. Who is he? He is a journalist known for Modi-bashing in the media and making short-sighted comments like casteism, ethnic stereotyping, and anti-Hindu statements. This is in your own country!

Because of the double-standard of going after human rights violators while not shining a light on their own abuses of the same nature (Anglo treatment of non-white citizens) as well as the anti-Hindu stance of this organization, it is highly recommended that this organization’s Indian NGO license be revoked and all donations/funding be stopped, and be banned from India.