Rogue’s Gallery #3 – Jawarlhal Nehru


What?? Why Jawarlhal-ji?? Let’s look into the details here. He was the first Prime Minister of India post-Independence, in office from 1947 to 1964, installed by the Indian National Congress. He was also the top leader for the Indian independence movement, under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi.

As you recall in the article on the Indian National Congress:

The ideas behind the party included helping all who work for the national good (i.e., British good) to meet each other and to network with each other over the political operations during the year. You have to remember that this Congress party worked hand-in-hand with the Crown with the view of divine dispensation of British rule and its belief of western liberalism and justice. Today, you will see that the British was successful in building in a permanent love for the White [man] in Congress.