Rogue’s Gallery #2 – The Communist Party of India


Communism in general does not contribute much of anything, especially when you consider numerous strikes and demands in many areas of Indian life, especially commerce. Think about it… Marxism is practically dead everywhere in the world, even Cuba and China (the latter case being that although they are “nominally” communist, they have gone largely capitalist), yet it STILL has a foothold in India. This is sad, because communism is NOT a viable civilizational model.

Let’s look at this from an Indic perspective, using the model of personal development along the lines of purushaartha. The four goals of life, or purushaartha, are as follows: dharma, artha, kaama, and moksha. Let’s see what happens to them in a communist society. Dharma, “right thinking, right action,” is mainly about “doing what is right for the state” at the total exclusion of the individual, meaning artha (making money as the state sees fit) and kaama (what is allowed given your allotted income among other things) is tightly controlled, and moksha (part of spiritual development) is heavily suppressed, if not attached to a prison term. Individualism in terms of spirituality or spiritual paths is crushed under such a regime. This is another party that must be voted out of existence.