Rogue’s Gallery #1 – Indian National Congress


One thing to add is that the Congress’ social policy is based upon Savodaya, which means improvement of the lives of all sections of society, including people who are economically disadvantaged and socially marginalized. This is a Gandhian principle… This seeks to balance out liberty, socialism, and secularism, and in particular(!), asserting the right to be free from “religious rule and teachings.”

It’s interesting that this party is conflating Hinduism and dharma together. Is this to say that Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism are not dharmic religions?? Rather, they are knowledge systems with different perspectives with a dharmic foundation. Dharma is NOT the same as religion; there is nature dharma (how plants and animals live together), planet dharma (how planets function and behave in a particular system around a sun or star), civilization dharma (how one lives in balance with nature as a civilized human being), education dharma (how the education process works for children, where does it happen, when does it happen, etc.), and so on that doesn’t necessarily have to do with Ishvara, antaryaamin, vibhuuti, avataaras, muurtis, etc. In essence, the Congress seems to not realize that dharma is secular in nature – you can be Shaivite, Vaishnavite, Jain, Buddhist, whatever, but the foundational principles of dharma exist in all (it is what it is), and it is necessary for civilization to function. Unity in diversity, if you will.

Wrapping up, this is a party that is western in terms of religion, secularism, and governance, and it wants to impose this and replace the Indic civilizational mode with the western model. You know what to do – VOTE them out.