Reclaim Temples series – Qutb Minar, The Truth: Part IV



Please note carefully the wall with Arabic carvings dropped in and mortar applied. If this is the best they can do, how would they have built the Qutb Minar with such cutting and placement precision?  The evidence is right in front of you! Muslims in general were too busy fighting, stealing from one another or kafirs, or surviving in the desert to have this level of a civilization, never mind the building capabilities of Hindu Indians, whose culture had been growing and changing for THOUSANDS of years.  I remind you, it was noted that materials were sourced LOCALLY and from EXISTING TEMPLES at the time and used by LOCAL craftsmen to build some of the structures at the time of the Muslim occupation.

Next up in Part V, the final installment, we look at what is designated as Iltutmish’s Tomb today, but was not originally an Islamic tomb.  A spectacular treasure of evidence, much evidence abounds in its features to show that it was originally a Hindu temple.