Reclaim Temples series – Qutb Minar, The Truth: Part I


This site was originally a Hindu site, but when the Muslim invaders came, they made alterations such as cutting Arabic text and styles into parts of the Qutb Minar itself, defaced walls around the complex, and converted some of the temples into Islamic graves. More details on that. Please look in close detail the tower; the evidence presented in this series on the Qutb Minar Complex later on is completely different when you see the one the Muslims tried to build (Ala’i-Minar).

First, here is the map of the Qutb Minar Complex.  (zoom in with “Command +” or “Control +” on a PC if necessary) Please note that a lot of historical information is written with a leftist, Islam-friendly slant. You will see in the following images the text written in these signs.







Reading this, you have to be careful of how Indians and foreign invaders are portrayed in the text. The first sign on the left portrays the Indian part of the history as matter-of-factly, while glorifying the Muslim part of the history.  You can see that the part referring to the “First lady Sultan” of India, Raziya, is glorified for resisting the political, social, and cultural customs (of the Muslim rulers this territory was under).

It is claimed in the second sign that the persons Qutbu’d-Din-Aibak, Iltutmish, Alau’d-Din-Khalji were responsible for most of the monuments at Qutb Complex, Including Qutb Minar, Quwwatu’l-Islam Mosque, Ala’i-Darwaza, Ala’i-Minar.  One of them, Ala’i-Minar, they are definitely responsible for when you see the image of it.  Please notice it says it was built from readily available materials by “local craftsmen” (since the Muslims DIDN’T have their own craftsmen with the ability to build it THEMSELVES).  Plus, archaeological evidence shows that the Qutb Minar Complex was Indian-built before the invasions of that time in this area occurred.