Proud moment, Watch indian army stuffing tonns of bullets into escaping millitants. suddenly these people came to help millitants to flee


This is a real moment of pride. though its an year old video but remains fresh as ever. at 0.14 minute mark you can see two millitants find 72 hoors straightaway with help of two separate bullets and fall faceplant on mother earth. may god bestow the mercy upon their souls because indian army isn’t going to be merciful anymore. at 1.14 mark you can see civilians distracting army for millitants to flee away. they are pelting stones at army and moving close to disturb the army operations.

indian army took this on a serious note and sends JKP and CRPF to shoo the traitors away. and continues on millitant hunt.  at 1.53 mark you can see a mahindra vehicle barging in to deal with closing in protesters. at 2.22 mark you cab see a black stray dog who does not like traitors and runs towards traitors to help army being no part of this operation. he probably understands his moral duty.

at 2.40 mark you can see JKP soldier taking cover of govt vehicle to plan new strategies to deal with aggressive protesters. CRPF heads towards civilians with polymer bullets to push them away from scene. and at the same time army is picking and hunting millitants.  at 4.20 and 4.22 marks you can see two more millitants being sent to jannat with two separate bullets.

this operation was a success because of great coordination between Indian Army, CRPF and JKP. may the millitants soul rest in peace after such brutally chaotic lives they had. army delivers salvation to all of them.

click next to watch how Indian army not only installed lead in milltants bodies but also saved civilians lives even when they are pelting stones and distracting operations.

jai bharat