Muslim Community Double-Talking About Orlando Shooting


We must look at a few Arabic words to understand what such spokesmen are doing to us:

Tawriya – Lying by omission to conceal a fact. It means to break the intent of the oath as long as you don’t break the letter of the oath as necessary.

Kitman – Lying by revealing only a part of the truth. A good example that is used is to say one thing early in the Koran, but to abrogate it with another verse from the later Medina period.

Muruna – Having the ability to blend in or flex to fit into an enemy culture it wants to take over and convert. For example, Muslims are allowed to dress western in such cultures to appear accepting of such Western norms, but this is just like soldiers dressing as civilians in an enemy society on the other side of the front line; this can go so far as to shave off the beard and drink alcohol.