Muslim Community Double-Talking About Orlando Shooting


Let’s take this line by line…

1 and 10 – instances of shifting the blame from themselves to some “lone actor,” as they want to put it.

2, 3, 7, and 9 are examples wherein they lie about the true nature of the relationship Muslims have with the rest of the world – kafirs. Every single person who is not a Muslim is a kafir, a plain and simple fact.

4 – “No one could have predicted this. It’s like lightening. It can strike anywhere.” It needs to be investigated at a very deep level whether that is a veiled warning behind a false front, that of interfaith harmony.

5. The simple fact is that the gunman called 911 and explicitly pledged allegiance to ISIS. It is interesting that the Muslim community here in America puts up a front about not being represented by ISIS because of their terror operations, yet they feel that have to distance themselves in public to take the heat off them. The heat is well-deserved, as will be explained here.

6. The community doesn’t want the attention to be focused squarely where it needs to be – the fact that Muslims and only Muslims are members of ISIS.

8. The issue is, what “facts” are being given to twist what truth, since the government and academic scholars are pro-Islam? How can it be pitched to separate out “terrorists” from the “moderate” Muslims and put the latter group in a better light? (look at the academic programs available for Islamic culture and Arabic literature that are run by Arabic scholars, and contrast that with the Western-scholar-run academic programs on Indic culture and Hinduism, where the Indian or Hindu-born scholars HAVE to toe the line per the Westerners in order to be a part of the academic circle – the authority for Islam rests with Arabs within the program, and the authority for Hinduism rests with the Westerners who ultimately set the standards for everyone else to follow, Indian/Hindu or not)