Muslim Community Double-Talking About Orlando Shooting


This Sunday morning around 2 AM, A 29-year-old Muslim man shot 50 people dead and injured at least 53 others at the Pulse nightclub. The man pledged allegiance to ISIS and made some reference to the Boston Marathon attackers when he called 911 (emergency service in America). He had carried into the nightclub a rifle and a handgun.

Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida made a statement, one version of which goes like this:

1. I call on everybody here in the community, anybody who has any information, please call the FBI – share what you know. It may help answer unanswered questions.

2. I also call on my fellow faith leaders – Jewish, Christian – to pray for the victims this Sunday morning. It’s a heartbreaking morning.

3. I want to praise the police – one was injured. This is the risk they take for us.

4. No one could have predicted this. It’s like lightening. It can strike anywhere. They did a marvelous job and we are glad the situation is under control.

5. This shooter is not connected with other people, so citizens should continue to feel safe.

6. I want to also caution many in the media from rushing to judgement and sensationalizing the story, because we do not want the story focus to be shifted from what it is.

7. It is a horrible tragedy. We are in mourning and heartbroken.

8. This is not the time for sensational news nor rushing to judgement. We must wait for the facts to come out.

9. This is our worst nightmare. I would not wish it on anybody. I hope this is the last.

10. And as a society we must look at what we can do.