Mind blowing Shiva Trilogy quotes




Mind blowing from Shiva Triology

Shiva Trilogy written by Amish Tripathi is a series of three novels dedicated to God Shiva. Here are some mind blowing quotes from this series for you.

There is your truth and there is my truth.
As for the universal truth, it does not exist.

The most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is.

Often, our immediate reaction to a sudden crisis help us save ourselves. Our response to gradual crises that creep up upon us, on the other hand, may be so adaptive as to ultimately lead to self-destruction.

Fate controls onlt the weak, Your Highness.
The strong mould the providence they want.

Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune tellers.

God Ram had himself said that any philosophy, no matter how perfect, works only for a finite period.

It’s our greed to extract more and more from good that turns it into evil.

Standing by and doing nothing while a sin is committed is as bad as committing the sin itself.

His burden didn’t feel any lighter. but he felt strong enough to carry it.

There are no bystanders in a dharmayudh – it is a holy war.

People do what their society rewards them to do. If the society rewards trust, people will be trusting.

Nothig is more important than life. Nothing. You realise the simplicity of that point only when you confront death everyday.

The opposite of love is not hate. Hate is just love gone bad. The actual opposite of love is apathy. When you don’t care a damn as to what happens to the other person.

Lord Manu had said it’s not people who are evil. True evil exists beyond them. It attracts people. It causes confusion amongst its enemies. but Evil in itself is too big to be confined to just a few.

There is no “your god” or “my god”. All godliness comes from the same source. Just the manifestations are different.

Truth doesn’t have to be liked. It only has to be spoken. Speak it out. The truth may hurt you, but it will set you free.

If you make a person believe that his misfortune in this birth is due to his sins in his previous birth, he will resign himself to his fate and not vent his fury on society at large.

Only your karma is important. Not your birth. not your sex. and certainly not the colour of your throat.

A person’s ethics and characters are not tested in good times. it is only in bad times that a person shows how steadfast he is to his dharma.

A man becomes a Mahadev, only when he fights for good. A Mahadev is not born from his mother’s womb. He is forged in the heat of battle, when he wages a wat to destory evil. Har Har Mahadev – All of us are Mahadev.