Japan and Islam – A Takeaway For India


Japan’s approach to Islam is that it feels there is no need to apologize for its negative position regarding Islam. The distinction between business and social norms/nationalism is made clear with boundaries as mentioned above.

The country also has an interesting way of dealing with foreigners, especially Muslims. The Japanese have a gentle temperament, showing tranquility and serenity towards foreigners, and in turn, foreigners will give respect in a polite manner. The way the discrimination matter is handled is subtle… For instance, a Japanese diplomat will not raise his/her voice or speak roughly in front of foreigners. The second part of the handling of this matter is the response to questions about such discrimination. The official response is simply no response, or to pass up the matter to one’s superiors, knowing that an answer will not come, as a truthful answer would cause anger, and he will not give an answer that is not true.

There is very little Muslim presence in Japan because the negative attitude towards Islam and its adherents is EVERYWHERE inside society, from the common street person to companies and organizations to government officials. There are no human rights organizations offering support to Muslims. Muslims are not illegally brought in. Muslims will find almost no legal support for permits for living arrangements in Japan.

There is little Muslim immigration also because of how Japan views relationships between employees and companies. Migrant workers are usually seen as taking jobs from Japanese workers. The work relationship is much stronger in Japan than in the West, which keeps out migrant workers whose loyalties may shift at any moment for any reason.


  1. Excellent points raised. History has shown that religions such as Christianity cry oppression when they are the minority, but when they become the majority in a country after years of conversion or what not then only will true oppression be seen. India’s “sickularists” are sowing the seeds for the destruction of Hinduisim in the land of its origin. All the Islamic middle eastern countries are not tolerant of any religions. Israel is for the Jews. Gandhi’s foolishness made India into a democracy aping its former British masters customs. It is time to change that. India should be for its native cultures (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism). The Japanese attitude should be followed for others: put up or get out.