Japan and Islam – A Takeaway For India


How did this come about??

In Japan, Muslims are treated as fundamentalists, regardless of the splintering range of groups available in Islam. They do not see fanatics, moderate Muslims, nor “Muslim-by-name-only.” Fundamentalists, period. In fact, Japanese people look at Islam as a strange religion, comprised of uneducated, unbalanced, or ignorant people who are not willing to take up the modern Japanese way of life. It is viewed that people with common sense would avoid this religion.

Japan is an example of a nation where religion isn’t practiced in general, but the Shinto religion (along with Buddhism) has an influence on behaviors that are integral within national customs. Because of this, there is prejudice against people of all sorts of nationalities, Westerners included. Some outsiders claim this to be racism, and others call this “nationalism.” At any rate, it is what it is, a sovereign country’s beliefs about itself and others.

Because of the Shinto beliefs about death and the afterlife, its clash with the concept of monotheism and faith in an abstract god comes from the connection to the material world rather than the otherworld of faith and emotions.


  1. Excellent points raised. History has shown that religions such as Christianity cry oppression when they are the minority, but when they become the majority in a country after years of conversion or what not then only will true oppression be seen. India’s “sickularists” are sowing the seeds for the destruction of Hinduisim in the land of its origin. All the Islamic middle eastern countries are not tolerant of any religions. Israel is for the Jews. Gandhi’s foolishness made India into a democracy aping its former British masters customs. It is time to change that. India should be for its native cultures (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism). The Japanese attitude should be followed for others: put up or get out.