Japan and Islam – A Takeaway For India


Japan is an example of a country where its official and public connection to Islamic issues is very different from that of Europe. Japan keeps a very low profile on this issue; there is almost no official/diplomatic interaction between Japan and Islamic countries. The relations that do exist is strictly business, like for oil and gas. Citizenship is not given to Muslims, and sparingly would residency be given to Muslims. Europe, on the other hand, is experiencing disruptive changes as a result of the immigration of Muslims, both legal and now largely illegal.

Japan simply does not allow the all-too-common phenomenon taking place in Europe – that of proselytization of Islam to people nor the conversion of people to Islam, as it is seen as supporting a foreign and undesirable culture, nor the importation of books like the Qur’an. There are hardly any masjids (mosques) in Japan as well. Muslims find it difficult to gain entry into the country, regardless of their profession. It is even official policy to refuse entry to Muslims. If Muslims do make it in, then their religious activities are curtailed to the point that they must pray at home, period. They will also find it very difficult to find a home or apartment to rent, never mind own a home. Setting up Islamic institutions simply does not happen, either, never mind any application of shari’a law. Hardly any Japanese seek out Islam, and if a woman marries a Muslim man, she is shunned as an outcast, period.

As a result of this outlook on Islam, out of over 125 million people in Japan, there might only be a few tens of thousands of Muslims, who are mainly Pakistani construction workers working for such companies. As a result, Muslims keep a low profile because of the negative attitudes towards them.


  1. Excellent points raised. History has shown that religions such as Christianity cry oppression when they are the minority, but when they become the majority in a country after years of conversion or what not then only will true oppression be seen. India’s “sickularists” are sowing the seeds for the destruction of Hinduisim in the land of its origin. All the Islamic middle eastern countries are not tolerant of any religions. Israel is for the Jews. Gandhi’s foolishness made India into a democracy aping its former British masters customs. It is time to change that. India should be for its native cultures (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism). The Japanese attitude should be followed for others: put up or get out.