Hindus Migrating from Kairana, Uttar Pradesh


In recent months, hundreds of Hindu families have been forced to migrate out of Kairana for their safety from the Muslims taking over the town. Violence and threats for money have been committed against the Hindus there. A list of families was provided by Kairana MP Hukum Singh of the BJP party, showing 346 families affected by the communal actions of Muslims. It appears that most of these families are well-to-do, and their properties are being targeted. Four businessmen have been killed thus far. The Hindus who were interviewed in Kairana refused to go on camera, because they feared for their lives.

Kairana is 124 kilometers from Delhi to the east in the Shamli district. This is significant because the migrations are happening in areas that are part of the Assembly Constituency. According to the 2011 India Census, just over 80% of the population were Muslims, and just over 18% were Hindus. It appears now that the Hindu population in Kairana has dropped to just eight percent. This was once a Hindu-majority town only 40 years ago.