Breaking News: Terrorist Attack in Dhaka Bangladesh


It should be evident now that the perspective on this phenomenon has to change. It needs to be changed from a civilian setting to a military setting.

The storming of the restaurant or many other places is not a “terrorist attack.” It is a local military operation by the soldiers of ISIS and similar paramilitary groups. When two armies clash, are negotiations carried out between the army personnel, especially when one side’s superiors have given its subordinates the order to attack the other? When people are killed, what are they called? Casualties. Casualties are a fact of war, and that is what we are in right now. A war against not only ISIS and other paramilitary groups, but essentially Islam itself. When you are conducting war, what are you using to the best of your financial ability? Semi-automatic guns? What about machine guns and other military hardware required to accomplish your mission?

It needs to be understood that this is WAR, and ISIS and other outfits are asking for it. I would say that it is time we bring it to them, in every single nation where this is a problem. Psy-ops also need to be brought in to deal with Muslims who are not otherwise violent, but could give rise to another Osama bin Laden or Muhammad. Stand up for your country and start fighting back.