Breaking News: 50 people killed, at least 53 people injured in Orlando shooting



Early this Sunday morning around 2 AM, just before clubs would have closed down for the night, a young man of Afghan-American parents shot and killed 50 people at the Pulse nightclub. In addition, at least 53 other people were shot. Many of those killed were inside the nightclub, and some died at hospitals where they were taken. The man had called 911 (emergency service in America) and pledged allegiance to ISIS and made some reference to the Boston Marathon attackers. He had carried into the nightclub a rifle and a handgun.

This has been THE deadliest mass shooting in the US, and the worst terror attack in the US since 9/11. ISIS is HERE now, and has been for a while. You have the Boston Marathon bombers, the Garland, Texas shooting at an event showing controversial cartoons of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, in addition to this new incident. This time, this was an attack on the gay community, which the nightclub is very well known in. The man’s parents had noticed that he expressed anger at seeing two men kissing in Miami, but did not think anything of it.