All of Russia will embrace Hinduism, Hindu leader will bind Asia together: Nostradamus prediction



Nostradamus, the famed 8th century French scholar, continue to amaze the world with his predictions which often turned out to be true.

Over 800 of his forecasts were fulfilled in the last 400 years, and among which was the prediction that the British empire would collapse in 1942.

The Quit India movement gave a huge setback to the British imperialist forces. He had also predicted the annihilation of Nazis for the mass murder of Jews.

What’s more interesting is that he saw an immortal leader emerging from South India with Hindu roots who will go on to bind the whole of Asia together.

The future world leader will come from a peninsula where the three seas meet, which can only be the Indian peninsula, he predicted. Thus, the future leader will be a Hindu from South India, who will bind Asia together.

According to theĀ, his forecast also seems to suggest that Russia will abandon Communism in favour of Hindu wisdom.

The Hindu troops will sweep through the Middle East, avenging former wrongs and the Russian army in the Caucasus mountains will link up with them, he predicted. And then they will cross the Mediterranean or the Black Sea.

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