Academic Treatment of Hinduism – California Department of Education


Equality between men and women. It is shown in general that Hindu culture tends to be oppressive to women. That is simply not true. In Hinduism, women are revered because it is known that Shiva does not manifest his powers his abilities without his partner by him. Without Shakti, the material universe does not happen. Plus, the woman brings forth the family, takes care of family affairs, maintains the financial health of the family, among so many things. IF you do see the discriminatory behaviors by other family members, it comes from one of three places; people associated with Christian churches (clergymen, church goers, or NGO workers), Muslims, and Communists. But what about the other religions? Even though discrimination, SYSTEMATIC discrimination happens within Abrahamic religions, it is either put off to the side or outright revised by saying that women are equal to men in these religions and cultures.

The same thing happens to discrimination against groups. What about the jizya tax against second-class citizens by Muslims? Jewish women’s inability to get divorces from bad husbands? Christians’ tendency to judge others (look at the Soul Harvesting phenomenon happening in India now, or the Christian militias taking over certain states in the far northeast of India)…