Academic Treatment of Hinduism – California Department of Education


An example of academic Hinduphobia is that of the textbook controversy in California. This event centers around the hearings at the California Department of Education regarding sixth-grade text books containing portrayals on religions and cultures that is slanted against Hindus in general.

It has to be understood clearly why this issue regarding sixth-grade textbooks is so important. Firstly, most of these sixth-graders are not Hindus, Muslims, or Sikhs, etc., so it is likely that these students will not read about these religions or the cultures ever again, or for a long time at the least. With such an impression, the person as an adult can make choices and take actions that does not favor the targeted religion/culture. It is important that the RIGHT impression about the religion and culture be made in the first place.

Let’s look more closely at what is happening here by looking at specific topics where major impacts are being made.